Susan (Roberts) Mathews

My interest and passion for textiles has been a key part of my life since I was 14 when I learned to weave and spin. Having made my first quilt in 1975 for my brothers’ 21st birthday, quilted textiles have been my focus since that time.

My surroundings have always been a source of inspiration and Australian native flora and the natural environment has been the impetus for much of my work. Drawing has become a key part of my artistic practice. I enjoy drawing for the insights it gives, the personal interpretations it leads to and simply for the satisfaction of doing it. My textile work springs from my observational drawings and sketchbooks. I am attracted to the effects of thread on the surface of my artwork. For many years my work has been characterised by dense free motion quilting and I aim to make the quilting or surface stitching an integral and indispensible part of the work. I have been practising many different textile and related techniques for four decades now which gives me a good technical base to work from. Printmaking is a passion and I am currently exploring ways to successfully integrate printed images with my own individual ways of creating stitched textiles. I have begun to explore ways to increase the role of thread to the work and have experimented with using stitch to create collagraph printing plates Practically all my work begins as a white piece of fabric. Dyes, paints and/or prints are added to the surface. Colour, pattern, surface design and thread use are key elements to my art practice.

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