One Step Further win!


At the beginning of December my husband and I attended the opening of Victorian Quilters Inc.’s contemporary quilt exhibition, One Step Further. The exhibition was  at Oak Hill Gallery in Mornington. This is a lovely community run gallery which is situated conveniently right next to the Mornington Regional Art Gallery. I had a piece of work in the exhibition called “Notations 2 – Musings” which was a sequel to a work that was accepted for display in the Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award exhibition. I am hoping it will also be the precursor to more work in this vein. The colours are a bit different for me but the techniques flow straight on from work I have been doing for years. It’s good to be able to make a piece of work that has your name all over it but that  nobody actually recognises as yours. The work is inspired by walks along the ocean beach where we live. My mind tends to wander in all sorts of directions and I am generally riveted by the patterns left on the shore by the waves and wind and deposits from the ocean. One day I saw a particular arrangement of strands of seaweed that made me think of  some invented form of written language. The patterns are records of time and a narrative about  the day to the point at which you observe them.  Anyway, we were very glad that we had made the effort to attend as I won the award for larger quilts which is a beautiful Brother sewing machine. My quilt was also sold at the opening to a friend of mine so that made the day even more special. There was a lot of really interesting work of a very good standard in the exhibition and a great display of work from the two judges, Jan Frazer and Jan Preston