“Coastal Patterns – Banksia”…..my inspiration

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Welcome to my contribution for the SAQA Oceania Collection Blog Hop!  My donation to the 2013 AQA Benefit Auction is Coastal Patterns-Banksia. You can see more works in this vein in the ZigZag gallery of my site called “Changes”. I am a total blog novice and the process of getting this together has been agonising! I know there are shortcomings but hope you enjoy my posts anyway.

Native plants have always held a fascination for me and they have appeared in my work throughout my career. We moved to the coast from  inland  NE Victoria  20 months ago and developing “a sense of place” in my new environment sparked a whole new surge of interest in banksias. It is a delight, being able to grow some of these beauties in our garden and also to see them growing naturally. I recently created a body of work  for an exhibition appropriately called “Changes” with Yvonne Voss and June Brown (we are known as ZigZag) and focused on the fantastic local vegetation. My auction piece was from this body of work and because I didn’t set out specifically to make that one auction piece I did not have progress photos of the actual piece. Therefore, what you see here is a reconstruction of the processes, hence I have chosen to use a peachy pink for the background print here rather than the orange of the actual piece.

banksia 3-web.jpg

banksia 7-web.jpg

banksia pattern

In this dried collection you see close up, the banksia cone - the seed pods have developed after flowering and opened to distribute the seeds.

b. integrifolia

Here are banksia flowers at various stages and also the seed bearing cones of those which have finished flowering.

banksia drawing7-web.jpg

and now to print……………