“Coastal Patterns – Banksia”…..making the prints


Coastal Patterns – Banksia is composed of a collagraph printed background with a lino printed applique depicting a banksia superimposed on it. Following is a description of the processes.

IMG_0144- web photo.jpg

The collagraph block made for the background of the quilt. The leaves of a different banksia (banksia marginata) were used to create the block. The cardboard backing was covered with double sided tape and the leaves were pressed onto the surface. PVA glue was then used to seal the surface. The block is patchy in colour as I used it for an "experiment" involving a heat source and managed to damage it and consequently had to repair it!


There are numerous ways that collagraph blocks can be inked but in this I am inking the block as you would do for a releif print such as a linocut. I have a large sheet of plate glass on my worktop on which I roll the ink out using a rubber roller.

collagraph plate inked-web.jpg

The colllagraph block inked .and ready to print

collagraph print-web.jpg

Background of the quilt - collagraph print on canvas using banksia leaves.

lino block-web.jpg

The lino block used for the applique banksia.


This is my etching press on which I print both collagraph and lino blocks.

ink the lino-web.jpg

The lino block is inked in the same manner as the collagraph block.

lino print-web.jpg

The lino print on white fabric.

and now to bring it all together…..