“Coastal Patterns-Banksia”……It all comes together


Once the two prints were done, fusible webbing was ironed onto the back of the lino print and the white, unprinted fabric was cut away using a combination of scissors and a craft knife.

The paper was removed from the back of the applique which was then arranged on the background and fused into place.

The top of the quilt was backed with wadding cut to just inside the outer edges and then the “sandwich” was completed with black felt used as the backing.

Free motion stitching close to the edge of the applique with a blending thread was the next process before echo stitching the negative spaces .

The final step was to trim the black felt to 12″ x 12″ which left a fine black line around the quilt.

finishe quilt-detail.jpg

A detail of the finished quilt showing the free motion echo quilting in the negative spaces and stitching of the applique close to the edges.

coastal patterns-banksia.jpg

The finished quilt - "Coastal Patterns - Banksia"