A selection of work from 2015.



Selected works from 2014

Coastal Banksia 2


A selection of work from 2012-13

Shift 1


Works inspired by the textile industry in Wangaratta, Victoria and my involvement in the Wangaratta Textile project and works inspired by a visit to France.

Gungurru Sunshine

Drawing With Thread

These "Drawing With Thread" quilts look at the idea of drawing on paper e.g. lead pencil on white paper and translate that notion into fabric and thread.The line is given importance through making the thread definite in two ways. Firstly by making the thread line thicker and secondly by using contrast between the thread and fabric.In later quilts such as Baobab Series II the thread use creates variance in colour in the background and also imbues the background with energy and shapes sympathetic to the forms depicted.

Grevillea IV

Improvisationally Pieced

The work in this gallery is pieced without prior planning. It is a very liberating technique and functions beautifully when incorporating hand printed panels.

Through The Eucalypts

Pieced Quilts

This gallery includes some traditionally pieced quilts and also some pictorial pieced quilts.These evolved from a desire to incorporate drawing in quilted works. In this case the drawing is in the origin and planning of the design. The design is drawn full size three times before choosing fabrics, each piece in the design is numbered and matching marks and grain lines are indicated. Planning is all important in contrast to improvisationally pieced work. Piecing is done systematically. It can be a very satisfying technique.

Threads of Time

Printed, Painted Quilts

This gallery encompasses a variety of surface design techniques. Techniques include various forms of printing such as:- linocut, silk screen printing, monoprinting and collagraph prints. These pieces also use fabrics hand dyed using procion dye and those painted with fabric paints.

Essence of Eucalypt

Raw Edge Applique

Two techniques come under this heading. The first is like Hawaiian applique or the "snowflakes" that we all cut in primary school. Original designs are cut and fused and stitched close to the raw edge.Another technique in this category is more like fabric collage. Using strips of scrap fabric left over from squaring up fabric cut for other purposes. These are fused to a background and heavy stitching blends colours together and blurs the edges between them.


ZigZag comprised June Brown, Yvonne Voss and myself. We developed four exhibitions together which after their initial showings toured Australia as suitcase exhibitions. In chronological order they are Pattern-nation, Three A3s, tripARTite, Snapshots and Changes. Only my work is represented in this gallery. You can see June's work on her website. She and I are also represented on the Ozquilt Network website Ozquilt Network

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